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We Like to Move

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by Elyse April, with Regina Sara Ryan
  Illustrations by Diane Iverson

We Like to Move is a children’s picture book with upbeat, rhyming text and brilliantly-colored illustrations of young children engaging in many different forms of physical activity. The book presents multicultural characters — including African, Hispanic, Caucasian and Asian children and adults — and varied locales, from a busy city street scene to a country landscape. Each child shown is joyfully engaged in movement, demonstrating both the physical and the emotional health benefits of exercise.

We Like to Move conveys the message that exercise is fun, and a normal part of the life of a human being. The text and illustrations suggest that movement may be spontaneous as well as organized through sports; and that it is for everyone, from every age, gender, culture and walk of life. Even children or adults with physical handicaps can participate in some types of movement.

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32 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935826-02-6
8 ½ by 6 inches




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