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Kalindi Press LLC is a new affiliate of HOHM PRESS of Prescott, Arizona.


We at Kalindi Press LLC are committed to publishing books that promote self-responsibility, self-awareness and healthy lifestyles. Our current areas of publication include wellness, health and nutrition and gender studies. We are particularly proud to offer the acclaimed Family Health / World Health Series for young children and parents, covering such themes as nutrition, dental health, reading, breastfeeding and environmental education.

Fall 2014 New Release . . .
Spring 2014 NEW RELEASES . . .

Your Body Can Talk How to Use Simple Muscle Testing for Health and Well-Being Revised 2nd Edition

By Susan L. Levy, D.C.

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Your Body Can TalkThis book, about the art and application of Clinical Kinesiology, introduces the energetic system that links mind and body. It shows how the body can “talk,” and therefore be used as a diagnostic tool, and to determine which healing approach will best suit an individual.

Clinical Kinesiology allows us to interpret this new “body talk.” This method of muscle-testing “reads” the body’s innate wisdom; when “asked” a question, or presented with a stimulus, the muscles respond clearly, either strongly or weakly. This system, which expedites the application of acupuncture, also helps realign the body’s energy imbalances.

Readers will find specific methods of fighting disease that emphasize the dangers of unnecessary  drugs, antibiotics and immunization, and the need for a fortified immune system – especially through natural foods. Other topics include: rebuilding the body’s ecology after an overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria or Candidiasis; how to maintain the integrity of the energy system through minimizing exposure to unhealthy electromagnetic fields or EMFs; optimal health for woman; and issues of men’s health.

New material in this 2nd edition includes an extensive chapter on children’s health, which addresses pregnancy, birthing procedures and breastfeeding, and illustrates a road map for giving your children (and children yet to come) the best potential for optimal health.

ISBN: 978-1-935826-36-1
$27.95; 352 pages; 8.5 x 11
Wellness / Kinesiology / Acupuncture


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We Like to Move is a children’s picture book with upbeat, rhyming text and brilliantly-colored illustrations of young children engaging in many different forms of physical activity. The book presents multicultural characters — including African, Hispanic, Caucasian and Asian children and adults — and varied locales, from a busy city street scene to a country landscape. Each child shown is joyfully engaged in movement, demonstrating both the physical and the emotional health benefits of exercise.

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The need for this book has never been greater. While reading has always been one of life’s greatest joys and the foundation for all learning, millions of people in the U.S. lack the skills to appreciate these benefits.

A vividly-colored picture book, We Like to Read provides a new look at how to teach and encourage reading by using play and “attachment parenting” – i.e., lots of physical closeness and learning by example. The upbeat rhyming format provides cues for parents and caregivers on how to provide a foundation for reading while enticing children with game-like activities.

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The Detox Miracle system is based on the power of specific raw foods, herbs and juices to cleanse and purify individual systems of the body which allows cellular regeneration! The premise of raw food detoxification is that having an acid system will kill you, while gradually reaching an alkaline system will allow healing and unexpected levels of health!

This book includes a textbook primer on each system of the body, what symptoms mean, and, most importantly, how to detoxify and regenerate using only raw foods and herbs.

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Clinical Kinesiology looks upon the body as a living biological computer - one with complex functions and enormous stores of memory. By observing the body, the Kinesiologist searches for the underlying causes of the apparent symptoms.

Muscle testing can be used to determine the right type of and the right time for treatments related to menopause, immune and digestive system function, circulation, candida - even balancing body energy and emotions.

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We're happy to fufill your order, however
to ensure your order is properly shipped.
Please contact us via email: hppublisher@cableone.net to place those orders.
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